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Client Testimonials

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Steve Bovis, Building Manager,

Müller Professional Services Limited

Corn Exchange, London, EC3

Product Used: CheckPoînt Permit and Contractor Manager Web Hosted

"With PWMANAGER in place we have closed the security gap to visitors to the building as well as improved our in-house permit and pass procedures.

A product solution that is not only flexible to our daily needs but also cost efficient as it has no yearly subscriptions or license costs that many IT solution companies in today’s market dictate as standard.

Security Safety systems designed and delivered a bespoke solution specific to my needs, 100% satisfied."

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John Smith, Control Room Security

First Security (Guards) Ltd

Mark Lane, London, EC3

Product Used: CheckPoînt Permit and Contractor Manager Web Hosted

"It took me 2 weeks to get really used to it, but then it became really easy. The explanation and training was very good - If I can do it - Anyone can! When creating a Contractor Pass, I just search for the Permit Type by Contractor Company and simply add the contractor passes against the Permit Number already allocated - its really that easy. I love the function to issue a 3 day or 1 week pass or any duration and then I just punch in the pass or permit number and put them onsite (when they arrive) and offsite (if they leave and the work still ongoing) or check them out (when their job has completed. The Permits are pre booked by the Authorised Facility Manager Office along with any notes I need to be aware of when overseeing any works or to make sure an area is safe for risk assessments - they are easy to view by accepted personnel only. I like that Contractors are prebooked in advance now with a recorded Time In and recorded Time Out and it makes it easy when invoices are received for works carried out. See my photo - thats me using it! Good luck to Secure Safety Systems, we dont have any problems and we definitely reccomend it."

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Roger Massey, Building Manager

Jones Lang Lasalle

24 Chiswell Street, London EC1

Product Used: CheckPoînt Managing Agent Web Hosted

"I am the Building Manager for Chiswell Street and previously used another companys web hosted visitor system but the pay per click prices were proving to be very expensive, so I consulted with Secure Safety Systems and immediately I was impressed by the overall service and helpfulness and that was before even buying the product. I purchased the CheckPoînt Visitor Managing Agent standalone version initially and my receptionists got to grips within a couple of days of using it. The tenant companies were asked if they wanted to be linked to the system and book their own visitors directly onto our system. All 8 companies agreed and we now have upgraded to the Managing Agent Web Hosted version which is so much easier and frees up our own reception to perform other duties. The biggest difference has been when we had a temporary receptionist and she was up and running within an hour of using it and informed me how easy and self explanatory it is and it has given us a more professional and relaxed way of greeting our client visitors. I highly reccomend Secure Safety Systems and am also happy to let others see our system and how it works for us."


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