UniVisit‚óŹ - Specifications

All Uni Visit Products have been developed to work with Windows 98/2000/ME/XP Pro Home and Office and Vista.

The Staff Lists, Frequent Visitor Lists can be maintained/updated using Excel or Notepad. Our FULL online manual has detailed section for IT Departments, but is so simple to use that updating or changing the personalised look and feel to the product is easy to do. Personalised artwork is included within the program, should corporate logos change - it is simple to alter with UniVisit for future ordering of personalised passes.
NB: Read and write properties are required for data input/printing of fire register and passes.

A full user licence will be issued with each copy of our Programs. They can be copied by your Uni and used again and again BUT any attempt to change the program for use at another site address is not permitted. A separate licenced copy is required to be purchased for a different site address, unless a multiple site order has been agreed by Secure School Systems Ltd