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Presenting 'School DatadotDNA'

Imagine a tiny 1.0 mm Microdot (like a grain of sand!) Laser etched with your School Name, Postcode and Telephone Number. Then multiply it by thousands – near invisible to the eye – Yet under Ultra Violet Light and viewed with a simple mini microscope your details become clear – Easy Proof of Assets belonging to your school. Simple Spray Use Aerosol containing over 5000 microdots.
Impossible to remove – An instant deterrent to thieves – Protect your School Assets Now! Mark them with School DNA for the life of the asset.

Enquire about having customised Data dots for your School Assets.
Each aerosol is £75 + vat. Delivery time: 1 week. An Aerosol will mark up to 170 assets (Permanently). Dry Dots included for small Asset Applications. Mini Microscopes £6.00 each + vat.

After purchase, please advise your local Police Dept that you have assets marked with Datadotdna, which shows up under ultraviolet magnification – Be able to instantly prove ownership of stolen and retrieved assets.

Personal property can be marked too. Orders can be taken from Staff for Home use – Payment would then be due on delivery for personal orders.