Our £50 Cash Back for Schools Scheme

cleverly designed and cost effective software solutions.

Secure School Systems have many forms of marketing to bring awareness to Educational Establishments of our cleverly designed and cost effective software solutions, but none have proven to be as effective as our Cash Back for Schools scheme.

The method is simple - we introduce you to our branded software products, unique in that once you Buy It, You Do Own It.
You use it, like it and want to tell other schools or colleges about it, when another school or college buy a system from us - the referring school or college then get credited with either £50.00 cash back* or a £50 credit** on re ordering products from Secure School Systems Ltd.

With this scheme - you are able to benefit from an initial reduction in cost of the software product but must adhere to our Flagship School Referral Scheme in that you will either take calls from other schools to discuss how you get on with using the product or that you will be giving out details for Secure School Systems to be able to contact a referral site directly.
* - Cash Back is via company cheque from Secure School Systems Ltd and upon payment from the referral school.
** - Credit is via a Statement of funds being held by Secure School Systems Ltd to be allowed against future orders on any of our products for a period of 6 months from date of statement. Credit is activated after referral school has ordered and paid for any of our branded Software products.

Should a school be referred by 2 or more schools, then the first school to refer will be entitled to the cash back.

Our Branded Software includes: School Visit Personalised / School Visit Vanilla (and includes Starter Packs and Promotional Offer Prices) College Visit Personalised / College Visit Vanilla (and Starter Packs and Promotional Offers) Uni Visit Personalised and Uni Visit Vanilla (and Starter Packs and Promotional Offers) plus also our 5 in 1 Pupil Management System, including Personalised and Vanilla range.

You market our products to other Schools/Colleges or Universities and WE quite simply reward you.

The Cash Back scheme operates for all our own branded Software Products, Full information is available by email, should you wish to partake in this scheme.

Email now to: info@secureschoolsystems.com and title email as: Flagship Referral
We can then send you information and our terms and conidtions.

Thank You, The Secure School Systems Marketing Team.