About Us

Secure School Systems has the ambition, drive, determination and focus to embrace new technology.

Secure School Systems held a great many meetings with schools and colleges and gleaned a good idea of how to supply educational establishments with products (that schools and colleges helped us to design!) and at prices that not only are affordable, but also will save monies in comparison to similar systems on the market.

Not only this! - Also, we wanted to be different to any other supplier of software based visitor systems;- so we introduced and launched our own branded Visitor Management Systems (School Visit / College Visit and Uni Visit © ART 2007-9) that have a unique "Buy It and Own It" price tag attached.

NO SMALL PRINT - Absolutely True.
Buy It Once! and Own It Always.

What Happened Next...... Designs began, regular update meetings, many cups of coffee!!! And live trialling of products within the schools and colleges started - they were allowed to complain as much as they could (every criticism was welcomed) so we could get the products completely right for them (and all future schools too)

After 6 months of extensive trialling – School Visit and College Visit pass systems were launched and thanks especially to Alan Wilders of Chafford Hundred Campus and to Lorraine Garrow of Thurrock and Basildon College and to Carole of Brampton Primary School and everyone else who contributed to our initial success – very soon after followed Pupil Manager our 5 in 1 system for managing the pupils in and out of school during the day - more products are also being developed.

We like it because we stay in touch with our customers and because they want to know of our new developments.

Secure School Systems, Visitor Management Systems for schools, colleges, universities.

Enough of the talking – this site is for you.

Why not join us..

Use our Feedback link to talk to us, tell us the offers you want,

Register for trials on new products – Schools and College's test them all before they are launched.

Tried and Tested – It works.

We don’t want to sell to you – we prefer you to buy what you need

Our Mission Statement

We deliver affordable systems, using the best of available technology, personally tailored to meet your requirements.

Absolutely NO repeat or yearly licence fees! – You buy it! – You own it!

Our Experience!

With over 20 years experience in Specialised Engineering, Various Patents held on state of the art developments for many industries, including Automotive, Aviation, Retail and Manufacture etc. and custom built software to research and development for many corporations worldwide – coupled with the Health & Safety sector and many major clients – we have refused to see how companies can justify selling a product and reselling it year after year!! Under an ongoing licence fee!!

We believe that if you pay for a product or service that you are entitled to the ownership whilst you are using it.

True, a licence needs to protect the Creative process! But when created for a specific company then the licence is unable to be legally used elsewhere.

So many systems are made up of bits of this one and bits of that one – and we believe that we should embrace other company’s products rather than change them! And we will adapt our own software to work with other company’s or Schools products or with our own – self created software programmes.

The Secure School Systems Team

email: info@secureschoolsystems.com